Actress Charlize Theron’s Adopted Son Steps Out In Yellow Dress And Female Sandals

Actress Charlize Theron’s son is officially living as a girl. The 5 year old was seen out and about with his mum yesterday dressed in a yellow dress and sandals for girls. Charlize adopted Jackson in 2012, from her home country of South Africa.

Charlize Theron’s 5-year-old son Jackson appears to be transitioning – into a female.

When Charlize first brought Jackson home, she was raising him as a boy. But as time went on, Charlize appeared to use a more gender-neutral approach to raising/dressing him.

Now Jackson’s mom appears to be dressing him using traditionally female clothing. Jackson was out yesterday wearing leggings, pink Uggs and braid extensions.

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  1. what is wrong with her is she sick it’s a boy a black boy that doesn’t mean you can change him into anything you want to God will punish you for this

  2. What in the heck is she doing to this child? Geesh people get it together. That baby needs to dress like a boy. He’s not a little girl so stop dressing him like one.

  3. WHY? I am not seeing anything in this Article about the little boy’s feelings, STRUGGLES, or desires!!! It states that the adopting “mom” began to use a gender neutral approach…WHY?! Why this approach?!

  4. This is just not right. Why did she adopt a boy if she wanted a girl. This is ruining this boy an african boy for that matter’s identity. Who allows these people to adopt children?

    • Doesn’t matter if he is African or Chinese, wtf, it’s still wrong these “celebs” have all lost their marbles a long time ago.

  5. He is a toy to her can though she adopted him. Now she is playing with her little black doll. I am outraged. God will deal with her in a way she won’t even begin to understand!

  6. Really???? Next Charlize will be organising plastic surgery for Boobs and other parts….. for this boy to look like a girl!!!! You can help STUPID.

  7. Stupid stupid freak!!! As a South African citizen i find the way she is ‘transforming’ this beautiful boy into a girl, disturbing. Our beautiful African children has go e through enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Is she trying to be ‘zen’? Or just plain stupid

  8. This is not acceptable. Where is child protective services, dep’t of human services, children’s court or anyone to be an advocate for this little boy. The adopted mother is using him as her little toy. She should have to answer for messing up this child’s mind! He is much too young to make that decision on his own.

  9. What in the FUCK is this????!!!!…You do that with your own son…dont get our black boys and dress them like a woman!!!…this is sick and seriously abuse!!!!…How can she get away with this?…GOD created him a beautiful black boy…and we see more and more trying to turn our boys gay…ANYTHING to stop us from making more black children!!!…URGH!!!

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